Cleaning & Care

Regularly cleaning your piece is crucial for a satisfying smoke session. Proper maintenance extends its lifespan, prevents resin or mold buildup, and preserves the true flavor of your herb.

It’s a simple process: Start by emptying the stale bong water. Then partially fill your piece with a mixture of 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol and table salt (or a store-bought solution).

Next, gently shake the piece while covering the openings until it is spotless and clean of any residue. You may want to use a tool (such as a pipe cleaner) to clean your downstem. If residue persists you may consider letting your piece soak for a period of time.

Then, rinse your piece thoroughly with hot water. 

Finally, refill your piece with freshwater or store it dry for your next sesh. 

Aim to clean after each session, or daily for frequent users. Before storing, ensure your piece is clean and dry. Don't forget to refill with fresh water before each session.


How long will it take for my order to ship?

We will have your order processed and out for shipping within 3-5 business days of the order being placed. 

What size bowl/downstem comes with my piece?

Each piece comes with a 14mm bowl that fits into a downstem with an 14mm female bowl-joint (part that receives the bowl) and an 18mm male pipe-joint (part that goes into the piece). 

What can I do if my bowl/downstem breaks?

In the event you have a bowl or downstem that breaks, you can reach out to us at kushkollectivelounge@gmail.com to inquire about a replacement. 

Do you do custom pieces?

We do not accept offers for custom work. 

Due to the rather unpredictable process of creating pieces, we are not comfortable with accepting custom work offers. Unfortunately some pieces simply do not survive the manufacturing process, and we do not want to accept the risk of possibly damaging your glass. 

Can you ship pieces internationally?

Currently we are only shipping the U.S. and Canada. We hope to expand our capabilities and ship to other countries soon!

What is our shipping method?

We use Shippo- USPS, UPS, and or FedEx

Is vintage glass safe to use for smokeware?

Yes, every piece is safe to smoke from so long as you take proper care of your piece. 

Switching out your bong water frequently is essential to having a clean, filtered hit. 

We test every piece with a surface test swab that detects the presence of lead. If an item tests positive for lead, we will not sell it. 

We also research each piece, and attempt to learn as much as we can about common manufacturers and manufacturing processes. We do not sell pieces made by manufacturers or from manufacturing processes known for utilizing lead (this is why you will never see a piece made from crystal on our site).